semi-permanent make-up

Semi–permanent make-up is a technique used to define eyes, brows & lips to achieve a soft, natural finish that imitates perfectly applied make-up.

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Eliminate the chore of having to apply, re-apply & remove your make-up every day & it will always look professionally applied. Make-up that lasts 2-3 years.



Lipliner & full lips£640

Eyeliner top£345

Eyeliner bottom£320

Eyeliner top & bottom£475

Eyelash enhancer top£320

Eyelash enhancer top & eyeline bottom£440

Maintenance treatment (up to 1 year from previous procedure)£150

Maintenance treatment (1 to 2 years from previous procedure)£300

After 3 yearsFull Price

Breast reconstruction & camouflage make-up available